MHRD Encourages Universities to Establish Wall of Heroes For Decorated Soldiers

Every Indian is proud of their brave soldiers and pays their homage to our martyrs who die to save our lives. Thus to instill and keep the feeling of patriotism burning within the students of all colleges and universities MHRD has launched  Vidya, Veerta Abhiyan. The Minister Prakash Javadekar said organizing of such events help in changing the atmosphere in our colleges and universities. It is just to revive the patriotic feeling in our youth.

Why Vidya, Veerta Abhiyan?

  1. HRD Minister said through this campaign a wall of valour will be built in colleges and universities across the country and this will be built on contributory funding by students and teachers on a voluntary basis.
  2. He said this wall will be 15X20 feet in size and will depict the portraits of all the 21 Paramveer Chakra recipients.
  3. The Minister expressed the hope that this will help revive and re-energize the patriotic fervour in our young minds.


"Patriotric Fervour’s Re Energisation in Universities and Colleges is need of the Hour"  Prakash Javadekar


The portraits will be received by the Vice Chancellors of IIT Delhi, DU, JNU and Jamia Milia Islamia. Other universities will also be called to follow suit. A campaign is also being launched to spread awareness within universities and institutes regarding the initiative.

The idea was initially propagated by a group of ex-servicemen who approached the JNU Vice Chancellor, M Jagadesh Kumar in 2016. The group proposed that the portraits of decorated soldiers and tanks used in wars should be displayed on campus to evoke a sense of patriotism and nationalism among the students.

The event was attended by several vice-chancellors of universities, scholars, ex-servicemen and school children. Paramveer chakra recipient Shri Sanjay Kumar and Shri Yogendra Singh Yadav who also shared their war memories and experiences with the audience and instilled patriotic feelings in the young ones.

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