Engineering Branch Choice Test

Answer the questions below in calm and composed manner. This test helps you know which engineering branch is suitable as per you likes,dislikes and personality. BUT, remember that no test can judge your passion , commitment and perseverance to learn particular branch so if the result is not as expected don't loose hope and don't take the result too seriously its only to assist and guide when in confusion. The questions are framed on that general behaviour required for particular engineering branch matched with your traits.

1) What size company do you think you'd want to work at?

2) My mad scientist laboratory would have..

3) What do people like about you?

4) Are you good at minding your own business?

5) I'd rather work

6) Word that best describes you

7) Do you like being in charge?

8) What would you rather do?

9) What's something you'd HATE at work?

10) I'd rather have friends who are..

11) I'm good at helping people..

12) What are you most likely to doodle on the side of a paper when you're bored?

13) Favorite way to spend your free time?

14) Where would you like to go to work?

15) If I'm late on a project, it's more likely because it...

16) Favorite color?

17) What's more important?

18) Word that describes you best?

19) Favorite kitchen utensil?

20) Another possible job for me might be..

Test Credit: Spacefem. [Results Information Upgraded by Team FillandFind]
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