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Dreams are always to be conquered. A kid starts dreaming the day, he/she enters the school. He wants to be a doctor one day and then pilot another day or something else next day. However, after reaching adolescence a student actually starts thinking and put the foundation of the concrete career. You must have watched students around you, who have very firm choices in career and want to cherish their dreams. There are also some students who do not know what to do with theirs lives. And there are some students who know what they want to do, but never reach their goal.

Everybody has dreams but very few reach the destinations. So, what is the reason behind this. Are those who reach their destinations, extraordinary or who did not reach, are not efficient enough. Well, everybody has the same capabilities to achieve his/her own dreams, the only difference comes with their choices, wrong analysis of their liking and disliking. They take decisions under the peer pressure, social pressure and family. They overlook their own interest. Sometimes, students do not know what to do with their career at all and then they choose the career, which is chosen by their siblings, friends or even parents because those are successful in their respective career. In such kind of circumstances, A career assessment Test will surely help to get a right career path which not only you enjoy but you are in love with.

Let's have a look that what the career assessment test is all about:
Choosing a career is a tedious task. There are many efforts, we need to take before we choose a career. Every person has strengths, and weaknesses, way of thinking, skills, aptitude, attitude, passions, interests, etc. These all factors should be taken care of before making any career decision. The career assessment test will help to choose your career by helping to gain your knowledge about yourself.

The career assessment test is designed by the panel of a psychologist to help people to understand themselves better. This is a mixed set of objective and subjective questions. These questions are nothing but the tools to judge your interest, values, personality, traits, skills and aptitude. And the answers you give, will be evaluated on those criteria. This Career assessment test is kind of a tool through which you will know yourself better, so that you can find the career, which is best for yourself.

Is Career Assessment Test Really Effective:
Many people ask the same questions, be it Students, parents or even job holders. The answer is “Yes”. This is the test which is designed to understand a person in the best possible way. It takes a well defined strategy and determination to conclude the result. Knowing your strengths gives you confident approach towards your dream and knowing your weaknesses will help you avoid or reduce them strategically so have the least resistance path to reach your dream.

When one should go for career assessment test:
This is a test anyone can take anytime, as often as he wants to take. There is no harm in taking self assessment time to time. Change is the law of nature and one’s skill and perspective keep on changing with the time. So, it is advisable to take a career assessment test after reaching every milestone in life.

However, the first assessment test should not be taken before 8th grade as at that stage of life the thinking process is still built up and the choices keep on changing. After 10th standard one should again take the assessment as one actually start taking their career seriously after that and one is aware of his/her own interest. One career assessment test after 10th and one after 12th standard is advisable and recommended by many psychologists. In that way one can see the behavioural and aptitude change in oneself and then can plan the future strategy accordingly.

The parameters to be taken care of before taking a career assessment test:
There are several factors one needs to take into consideration before attempting for career assessment test. One should look at few important things to make sure that we get the most accurate result:

Age Relevance This test is available for several age groups. This is the test for the 10th standard student and MNC employee as well, but one cannot assess oneself on the basis of equal result. So before taking any career assessment one must check the age group which one falls in. That way one can actually assess oneself honestly.

Ethnicity: The place relevance is very important while taking a career assessment test as demography matters a lot. In western countries, a career assessment, is a common practice and the test series, which is often used in India, is basically meant for western countries . Therefore one should find the career assessment test especially meant for Indian students.

Vernacular Language: : Another important thing is that this career test should be vernacular. The test should be in regional languages, so the student can understand the questions properly and then answer those appropriately.

A career assessment test is very helpful factor while taking any career into consideration and then make the strategy accordingly. So it is very much advisable to attempt for a career assessment test at every stage of life and assess your own personality and boost up your career.

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