Test or Exam Preparation!!! It does not matter whether you're a student of a state board, preparing for any entrance exam like JEE, NEET etc., or you are going to appear for any test related to job like bank exams, SSC exam, civil services or you are willing to go abroad and study there.

Whatever type of examination/test, you are going to appear for, The level of stress and confusion is always high. You need to gauge the method of preparation, among all this information, you see every day. But, before getting into that, let's excavate:

Usually. During school days, you must have attended the classroom lectures, but yet you felt that you need a little more help in one or another subject. So you must have taken help from private tuition or attended the coaching classes. Since the syllabus of any state board is fixed and pattern of examination is almost same every year; so, it becomes comparatively easy to choose that how you are going to do the preparation for your state board. But, when it comes to appearing for a competitive examination, everything changes with its vast syllabus. At that time you need an expert guidance for your studies. “”

With escalating competition amid students, entrance tests have become a lucid and reliable technique to admit the best out from number of admission entries. Due to these entrance exams, your future does not exclusively depend upon the marks you got in the board examination, but on other more pertinent aspects like logic, aptitude, reasoning, and most significantly on common sense.'''

Entrance exams exert more effort on getting the best from the students when they are trying to get into some of the best schools and colleges in the country. The board exam's papers are usually prepared, considering the average school student in mind, However, entrance exams are more like putting candidates against each other, fighting for a few seats. Entrance exams are much tougher than board exams so students usually start preparing during or before the board exams.

Time to start

The thumb rule to start preparing for an entrance exam is; the sooner the better. IIT-JEE, the medical entrance, CA, CPT, and the various national law entrance exams are some exams which need preparation straight from the standard XI. The knowledge base for all these exams are highly subjective and limited to text reference books. If you are preparing for job competition, then your syllabus is going to be huge and need a lot of coverage.

Now, the question arises that what are the ways, one can start for board and competitive exams, and here I put special stress over competitive exams. There have been many modes of preparation for competitive exams as follows:

Modes of Preparation:
Traditional and Conventional coaching centers:

For the competitive exam, one may start by preparing with board exam preparation. However, preparing for entrance exams and board examinations together may need a bit of management and therefore effectual guidance has the key to success. This is where joining a good coaching center helps a lot. These coaching centers utilize your time and effort in an effective and right direction.

A Coaching center, with its ample experience, helps you in overcoming your weaknesses and work on you, make you practice consistently and supervise your progress, and solves your queries whenever you get stuck. These coaching centers provide you effective preparatory study material which saves your time.Though there is no substitute for hard work, Yet joining a good coaching center saves your time and effort.

How to choose A good coaching center:

A good coaching center, no doubt, helps you to understand the entrance exam method and guide you in an effective way, however, choosing one could be tough task: there are few points, you need to consider before enrolling into any coaching institute:

  1. Skilled, Qualified and Experienced faculty: You must check the status of faculties in a coaching center. It matters a lot. If they have a good experience over the years, they will easily understand the problems you may face and help you accordingly.

  2. Interactive classes and concept based learning: You need to know that how they teach. Method of teaching and communication in the classroom is very necessary. It proves that, a faculty is giving you personal attention and you feel relaxed while asking questions.

  3. A limited batch size: The number of students in a batch should be limited, in that way, a faculty can give the proper attention, you need. Too many students in a batch will create chaos. You are in coaching center for a purpose. That purpose must be achieved.

  4. Regular mock tests, Scientific Evaluation and feedback mechanism: practicing question papers regular is indeed helps you in managing your time and making you understand the level of stress involved in an examination hall. A proper tests, evaluation and feedback from the faculty are same important factors.

  5. Do not go behind the ads. Go to the coaching centers, have counselling sessions with the directors and the students.

Distance learning & test series/ self study:

There is one other mode of preparing and that is self study. If you have a good grasp on the subject and you are self-disciplined person then you can study all by yourself. You can subscribe the study materials from many coaching centers and study at home. They give a complete package of study material plus previous question papers. It helps you understand the method of examinations and paper patterns.

Online self Learning:

Since we are in an electronic era, so there is an another form of self study, and that is a self study through electronic media. There are many videos available online which help you understand tough topics, solve your queries and save your time too.


The entrance exam preparation involves a dire adjustment in approach and direction for students unlike board exams. Mostly objective type question papers which need an attentive attitude towards details. Regular practice of test papers, discussion with peers and thorough study is a need to crack the nut.

Make a plan. Time management is very important. To play to your strengths, you must be aware of your strong subjects and topics. You need to know what are weakness in particular subjects. You must learn to skip questions too. Practice Multiple choice questions as those are quite different from board exam papers. Those needs guess work too. Learn to solve question various methods. Understand the patterns. Do section wise study. And most importantly, learn to solve question papers within given time limit, so you would learn to maintain your calm at the examination center.

There is no short cut for hard work yet studying in a smart manner and getting help from right mode will make your preparatory road easy. So go for it, study hard and crack the nut. .

Chilling and Grilling Time Begins..!!

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