Separate Merit List For Girls In IITs
Posted on: 17,January , 2018 - Wed | 05:39:22pm

Separate merit list for girls in IITs

MHRD has asked IITs to come up with a separate merit list for female candidates if females admitted in the particular IIT is below 14%. The government took this decision to ensure the presence of a sufficient number of girls on IITs. This new decision will be implemented form the session 2018-2019.

The separate merit list will be applicable if, for instance, an IIT after common merit list gets only 10% of female candidates then that particular IIT will have to come up with a new merit list so that the number of female candidates can go up to at least 14%. All other reservation policies would not be affected. It will work as usual. To implement this policy number of seats in IITs will also have to be increased. For this year the number of seats in IITs has increased from 10,998 to 11,509.

Many have criticized this decision by calling it a move that promotes gender reservation in IITs without giving it a name. Protestors claimed this would affect the meritorious students as they would now find it more difficult to get admission at IITs. This move made by the government is to ensure that by the year 2026 number of the female representative at IITs be 20% of the total number of students.

“This will also put more pressure on IITs, who will now have to arrange for more bridge-course or remedial classes for students getting through to IITs just because we want a pre-determined percentage of girls on the campus”. said by an IIT teacher.

To ensure male candidates do not get affected as a result of such decision supernumerary seats will be created at the IITs. The government does not want to lower the number of male students as compared to the year 2017.

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