How To Prepare For Examination A Week Prior To It
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How to prepare for examination a week prior to it

Exams are like a nightmare to the students and last week is so crucial for them. This remaining last week for exam becomes a crunch time for the students and they feeling flustered over the lack of time left. Keep this all things aside because it will become common among the students and focused on to make the remaining days count. So buckle up and get ready for effective last-minute revision requires tactics. Some study tips are given below that will help you make the best use of your remaining time before that first exam:

1. Narrow down the course

A student must figure out the subjects upon which he has control as compared to other subjects. Scoring on those subjects will become easy for students. For essay based subjects also a student cannot focus on completing all the course on last minute, so a student must figure out their strength. On science subjects, a student must rely on facts and diagrams more.

2. Use internet

When the time is less a student cannot afford to read the full topic from course books. So in these situations, a student can use the power of the internet, to refer to study materials or videos related to unlearned topics. The videos or material on the internet can help students save their time and also be clear on the topics. A student must refer to good video channels for good efficiency.

3. Write Flashcards

An old but effective way of studying is by using Flashcards. Flashcards are a small piece of paper upon which small information is written. A student must mention the points which they wish to revise before exams at these Flashcards. These Flashcards also makes student write information in comparatively fewer words. Also if students prepare Flashcard they won’t have to go through full notes as the points to ponder are mentioned on the Flashcard.

4. Be focused

A student must not panic or wander between notes or topics they want to study. A student must be very clear what they want to study and the topics that are clear to them. Panicking in such situations will not help students and will only waste their time. Instead of panicking under such situations a student must be very clear about their current status.

5. Solve Previous exam papers

One of the most important things a student must do while preparing for the examination is examining the previous year’s question paper. Studying previous year’s question paper will help students analyze the paper pattern and also marks weightage. A student can analyze, before actually appearing for the examination as how much time to be given to each question so that by the end of exam duration a student can attempt all questions. Also, a student can figure out the important topics in every subject.

6. Never leave any question

Students are suggested not to leave any question while appearing for the essay- based subject examination. As leaving a question is going to cost full marks to the student, but writing even whatever less they know about the topic will earn them few marks, which in total may add to a big number. Also, you won’t be penalized for writing the wrong answer.

7. Take proper sleep

Students are advised to take proper sleep, a night before the examination. As it will help the student to be active during the examination. It is also advised not to go for new topics at night before examination but revise the old ones. Use Flashcards and notes to revise the known topics, it will strengthen their control over the know topics.


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