Four-fifths of graduate engineers unemployable: HDFC Chairman at IIT Madras

The employability of Indian Engineering students is a great concern for all intellectuals and educationist as placement percentage are getting lower year after year. A majority of students who complete their studies in the field of engineering do not have enough skills that can help them secure a job. Lack of skills imparted, infrastructure deficiency and industry exposure make it difficult to secure a job. The employability chances for them, are close to limited.

Surprisingly, Four-fifth of the 1.5 million engineers who graduate every year are not employable, said Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Chairman Deepak Parekh said on Thursday at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.

He said, during the launch of “Deepak Parekh Institute Chair” in Chennai, that teachers need to develop their skills and take part in the necessary training to combat this situation. He added that “education needs to be a dual balance of classroom instruction and practical or vocational training.”


“Given our rapidly changing world, it is the teachers who first need skilling and training so they in turn can teach a curriculum that is relevant to the times,” he said.


Related Facts:

  1. There are more than 3,300 AICTE approved engineering institutions.
  2. Four-fifth of the 1.5 million engineers who graduate every year is not employable.

Other Related News:

  • IIT Madras witness 15 professors being named as Institute Chairs on Thursday.


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