Last Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Mains-2017
Updated on: 12,March , 2018 - Mon | 11:56:26pm

Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Mains-2017

And the wait is over, the JEE exam is here now. For offline mode students, who pursuing the exams on 2nd April 2017 for those who have opted for offline mode and 9th April 2017, for those who have opted for online mode finished. I hope, you have finished almost with the revision work and previous year question paper.

The students, who are going for offline mode have only one day left with them so for them, it is quite to make any last minute changes, however, those who are going for online mode on 9th April 2017, have a week left so they still can do some additional efforts with their long time study preparation.

You, indeed, have prepared for one of the toughest exams in the country, However, last minute anxiety makes you nervous and fearsome. Parental expectation and pressure from the peer groups are at their level best at this hour.  

And this stress and anxiety will compel you to commit mistakes during the exam as it demands peace of mind at the time of examination. And, you certainly do not want it. Let’s see how you can cope with this last minute pressure situation.

You have studied hard till this time and  the last minute anxiety can ruin your whole year, so please follow these last minute Do’s and Don’ts and take your exam happily and stress-free:


Last minutes tips for the JEE aspirants:

  1. Have a sound sleep of at least six hours. Do not go for the night study before the two days of the exam. Eat healthy and on time.
  2. Get the motivation and blessing from your elders and loved one which will keep you positive throughout this stressed period.
  3. Do little exercise or yoga-like breathing exercises, walking in the morning, which will keep you fresh and energized.
  4. If you have nay past achievements, try to remember those moments to reboot your confidence.


On the examination day:

  1. Keep your examination bag ready with all those instructions, which is made in your hall ticket like pen, pencil, eraser, most importantly, your admit card. Keep it ready a day before.  Do not take those items which are not mentioned in the hall ticket, otherwise, you will get bothered about those.
  2. Ask your parents or someone close to check the route and address of the examination a day before. Reach examination hall at least an hour before, so you get enough time to get relax with the atmosphere.


Inside the examination hall:

  1. Take a deep breathe and relax.
  2. After receiving the question booklet and answer sheet, you will be asked to fill those properly, pay attention while feeling those columns as you can not redo that so fill it with a calm mind and listen and ask invigilator if you do not get any column. Do not fill the column if you are not sure about this.
  3. Three hours and three subjects and 90 questions, so, ideally you have one hour for one subject so divide the time carefully.
  4. Give the first hour to the subject, in which you are most confident. Do not stick with any question more than a minute and do the same for the rest.
  5. If you are good in all the subjects, then you must start it with the chemistry as it has less numerical problems.
  6. Do all the theory and conceptual problem first and then go for the numerical.
  7. Fill the OMR sheet carefully as once you fill the answer, you cannot change it as you have to use a ballpoint pen.
  8. While marking answers in the answer sheet, double check the question number in both the sheets. Recheck it before filing the answer.
  9. Do not do the guess work unless you are sure, as negative marking is there. However, intelligent guessing can be done if time allows you.

While doing the long calculation, choose estimation method. Kinetics in physics, calculus in maths and organic chemistry in chemistry are important key areas, revise them once again.


Advice for the parents:

  1. Keep your child stress free. Sit with and motivate him/her.
  2. Ensure his/ her bed timing and food habit a week before the exam.
  3. Escort him/her on the examination day with food and water if the center is very far.
  4. Motivate him/her that he has studied hard will sure do his/her best in the exams.





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