JEE MAINS 2017: Most Detailed Paper analysis and syllabus distribution of physics, chemistry and mathematics

JEE Mains Examination is the day that every future engineer prepares for. Today, on April 2nd, 2017 the level of anxiety, excitement and nervousness was at its peak.  Their devotion and hard work were tested today. Now all aspirants must be waiting for answer key and expected rank prediction.

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But every exam has some important takeaways which every engineering aspirant can learn. For those who want to learn more about the paper pattern, we have brought them the most detailed  JEE-Main Paper analysis directly from experts.

Our experts Mr Ankit Shukla, who have 3+ year of teaching experience, have shared with us very detailed and insightful analysis.

He is expecting the cut-off to be between 98  to 112


Overall analysis of the Paper

The questions of physics and chemistry were easy and most of the questions were from the concepts which are discussed in NCERT textbook but mathematics was typical for students as questions were lengthy and calculative enough to confuse the students, he said


Level of difficulty and Comparisons with previous year exams

He also told us that there has been a lot of similarities between paper pattern and syllabus distribution from the previous years. JEE Main, 2017 was overall moderate in difficulty level but it was lengthy. The class 12th syllabus was given slightly more weightage this year than the previous year.

He even stated that many of the questions in the paper were straight forward which can answer by sincere students who have prepared in disciplined manner. But few vwere very tricky and can prove to be crucial in deciding toppers.


Which subject and topic were tough and easy?



  1. Physics was considered to be moderate in difficulty and length. The syllabus was almost equally asked but he found out of those 6 were tricky.
  2. In physics, maximum weightage was modern physics with weightage of 24 marks and 5 questions being asked.
  3. 11questions from mechanics, 3 from thermodynamics and KTG, and 2 were from optics and 6 from modern and nuclear physics
  4. Out of all 30 questions, 14 questions were average and 10 were very easy.



  1. Chemistry was considered the easiest of all three papers, with a difficulty level similar to last year and most questions asked, were from NCERT.
  2. The syllabus was also almost divided fairly with 8 questions from organic chemistry 11 from inorganic and 11 from physical.
  3. A major portion of the paper was of theoretical type.



  1. Mathematics was considered by most to be the most difficult of the three subjects, purely due to its lengthiness, despite being comparatively easier than last year.
  2. 15 questions were from algebra, 6 from calculus, 3 from vectors and 3 from conic section
  3. Questions from both coordinate geometry and differential calculus were challenging and student found it difficult to attempt.


Suggestions for currently preparing batch

When asked what he wants current preparing batch to focus on he said that determination, eagerness, curiosity to learn is what can help the student prepare for one of the most prestigious exams in India.


In his own words:

Those who start early have more chances to win... So don’t waste a second and remember that u are the one only who can create your future. Be dedicated and remember, hard work always pays off…


Our Expert

Mr. Ankit Shukla, Young and Dynamic, Student loved faculty from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh has 3+ years of experience in teaching and guiding students for JEE and   NEET. This year he has been guiding students @ and shall be giving his experts views on competitive exams.



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