Engineering graduates distracting from their domain due to shortage of job

The shortage of job across the country has affected engineering graduates in a way that they have chosen to work for BPOs. Even though the salary offered by BPOs are comparatively less than the jobs in their domain working at calling profile seems justified to them. The salary offered by BPOs ranges from 11,000 to 15,000 per month. Also, working in voice profile does not add to their experience which they can use further to switch to their domain jobs.

As a result of job shrinkage, colleges are also calling companies which offer jobs in BPO profile to make sure graduates from their college get a job. The number of companies visiting colleges has reduced and even if the companies visit colleges, the number of jobs they offer has declined. Graduates, to ensure they have a job after completion, of course, are choosing to work at BPO profile.

Such is not the case with all students, students who have managed to secure good grades and have a decent control over their subjects are able to get a job at their domain, but students with low grades are struggling to get a job they desire for.

Some IT companies, even after good grades, prefer students with specialization or knowledge over subjects which are not a part of their curriculum like ios, android etc. same is the case with electrical companies, knowledge over MATLAB, AutoCAD and other such certification courses are demanded from the students. As a result of which students are finding it difficult to get a job in their field.

Some IT companies, even after selection, ask students to constantly appear for tests, failing which can cause them lose their job. Such high demands of companies are causing students to switch their career choice from engineering domain to voice profile.

The issue of joblessness has other impacts too on engineering graduates. They are becoming a victim of network marketing. Individuals from various private firms claim themselves as entrepreneurs and trick students into various earning schemes. These schemes at initial level sound quite attractive but once joined, students fail to focus on their education, which is why they actually joined the institute. Not just they lose their focus form the course, many even find themselves in the state of depression which forces them to indulge in socially unacceptable acts. Such organizations not only jeopardizes a student’s career but also affects society economically.

Another set of scam/fraud has risen in the industry is done by many consultancy firms. Where so-called job consultancies say that they have shortlisted you (candidate) for a job in an MNC and then ask for money in name of document verification or registration or anything similar and once paid you are an alien to them. Although various job portals aware candidates about such fraudulent organizations, but many innocent students fail to notice such disclaimers and find themselves in such a mess.


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