Why To Study In Europe? Get Answer From Experts
Posted on : 07,November , 2016 - Mon , 04:06:54am

Why to Study in Europe? Get Answer From Experts

Greetings to all our readers. Here we have again come up with a very useful piece of information for our readers who have an aim of studying abroad. There is an exclusive interview conducted by our representative Ms. Anshika Gupta which have covered almost all the questions that arise in mind when we think about Studying Abroad. Hope this will help you all in deciding about your dream abroad city.
Ques: Why should I study abroad? Do I really need to go abroad?
Ans: Considering the point of going or not going to study abroad depends on one’s own need and desire. Some basic reasons you should consider for making your mind to study abroad are an opportunity to see the world, the chance to experience different styles of educations, take in a New Culture, hone your language skills, various career opportunities and various life experiences. So if one is like interested in exploring various sources of knowledge, going abroad is one of a golden chance.
Ques: Am I eligible to study abroad?
Ans: Eligibility criteria is something which differs for every education plan. Considering the basic requirements one should have an excellent academics record and in other various co-curricular activities like sports, writing etc. If a student is not having an excellence record in academics then extra-curricular activities play a very vital role. Apart from all this there are various tests whose score matter a lot in applying for studying abroad such as GMAT, GRE, TOFEL, IELTS, CAT etc. Age is not a big factor but of course if you are exceeding 36 years then there will be some issues regarding it.
Ques: When should I start preparing and what courses should I prefer?
Ans: Well it’s never too late for anything but obviously if you want to go for studying abroad then you should try getting into it soon after your intermediate. You may get an opportunity to go abroad for your graduation. You can also apply for internship during your graduation program but to be specific in this regard Germany does not allow self-paid internship. For pursuing internship there you need to first search for a professor of your field who can pay you for your work. There are n numbers of programs for post graduations available abroad.
Rest about the choices and preferences of the course, it completely depend upon the choice and interest of the individual. We provide all sorts of courses like management, marketing, technology, automation etc. So it completely depends upon the choice of the individual.
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Ques: I don't know another language. Will this be a problem?
Ans: Well this is a sort of problem but every problem has a solution so does this too. The basic requirement from the individual is that they must be good in English rest various institutes in abroad provides training for making individual learn the native language of the country. So this is not really a big issue while you are studying there but once you have pursued job in that country there comes a compulsion now to know the native language.
Ques: Is studying abroad expensive?
AnsTalking about the expenses, studying in country like UK is a bit expensive because of the lifestyle and other considerations. But studying in countries like France and Germany, the education expenses are approximately the same as in India. Rest there are various embassies associated that provides various allowances to the students such as “Crouse” in France provides upto 10-30% rent allowances to the students studying there but of course on the basis of their academics and other criteria as already mentioned. The approximate expense expected in any European country is 750 euros which is approximately 55,830 rupees in Indian currency.
Ques: What funding is available and can I apply for a scholarship?
Ans: Yes, there are various scholarship and sponsorship programs available but again the priority will be given to the individuals who will be fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the respected institute they are willing to take admission in.
Ques: Can I still graduate on time if I study abroad?
Ans: Studying in abroad or studying in India is not very different regarding the tenure of the plan being pursued. The tenure of graduation and post-graduation plans are almost same as in India. So, it hardly makes any difference regarding the tenure.

Ques: How long can I study abroad?
Ans: Long can be forever too, you never know. But every country has its own set of rules and procedure regarding the visa facility. So it cannot be specified like how long because it depends on the plan you are pursuing and it might be possible that you may get a chance to work there in some MNC. So its like not specific.

Ques: What challenges should I expect to face?
Ans: The very basic challenge that one will be facing is understanding the language of the natives because of course a bus conductor won’t be knowing English there. So it’s like a big problem. It is advised to the individual to learn few basic terms of the native language of the country they are looking forward to. Rest there will come situations where the natives will be given priorities such as in cultural fests and other such events.
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Questions of Importance

Ques: If I am not eligible, are there any possible chances to study in foreign countries?
Ans: But obvious an excellent academic record is a must. Failing to fulfil it, your participation in extra-curricular activities may compensate to it. And failing in both criteria, your score in the various entrance exams could be of a great help to you.

Ques: How to tackle homesickness and other emotional stages of studying abroad?
Ans: See we have various cultural programs and fests to let people from various parts of world to come together and interact with each-other. Apart from this we have mentor-mentee program in which alumni of the respective institute selects student after analyzing their CVs and counsel them . Specifically in Germany we have a “Buddy Program” to enable people connect to each other. Basically the strategy is to keep the individual so busy with other works that he/she doesn't get time only to feel such emotional breakdowns like homesickness.

Ques: How easy is the accessibility to these scholarships and sponsorship's to students who are from tier-II cities of India?
Ans: To be very specific and straight forward, there are not any additional discounts available for students from tier-II cities of India. The scholarship and sponsorship plans are the same for every individual from tier-I city or tier-II city . So they can avail or access the same scholarship and sponsorship plans.

Ques: Do students from tier-II cities who are not so comfortable in English language can feel homely in nation with suddenly different scenario and language?
Ans: English is one aspect that we expect students to be comfortable with. If students from tier-II are not comfortable in English then they need to learn it before making abroad a destination for their further studies.

Ques: What type of accommodation facilities does the students get?
Ans: As mentioned earlier there are various organizations like “Crouse” which provides rent allowances of around 10-30% to the students studying in Europe. Similarly there are various embassies which provide various allowances to students depending upon their academic records and other curricular activities. Plus foreign countries provide part time employment opportunities to the students so that it can help them a bit in making up for their livelihood.


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Ques: There is a general mind-set of people of going to countries like US for further studies. What do you want to elaborate about it making us convinced to pursue further studies in European countries?
Ans: Well pursuing further studies from countries like US is just like attaining knowledge which you can get here in India as well through internet but going to European countries is like apart from knowledge you will get to learn various cultures and languages too which could help you get employment anywhere in the world-wide. Rafael Nadal and Roger Fedrer are two best tennis player but when it comes to consider one to be the best, people consider Roger to be the best because he can speak in 6 different languages while Rafael finds it difficult to speak in Spanish too. So again its like the interest of the individual like if he/she is not looking for a lavish life-style as in US but for a quality education then of course they should prefer European countries.

Ques: Why to prefer Europe/Germany over national colleges?
Ans: It’s not about preferring anything over something other. It’s all about as already we have mentioned the interest of the individual. If one wants to grab opportunity to see the world, the chance to experience different styles of educations, take in a New Culture, hone language skills, career opportunities and various life experiences, they should prefer going to abroad.

Ques: Is there any reason which may stop students to opt for foreign colleges?
Ans: Taking into consideration the few misshapen that have happened in Australia and Bangladesh, there could be a fear into minds of students regarding their safety but we people are giving our best to provide students with the best quality of education ensuring their safety as well. Apart from this, financial issues may also stop students to opt for foreign colleges but for that we are providing various scholarship and sponsorship plans.

And here our short interview came to an end. We tried our level best to cover all questions that arise in mind and clear all your doubts.
Again we would like to throw light on the very first question that comes in the mind of an individual is “WHY TO STUDY IN EUROPE?”

Well, again now if you want to get some lively experiences about life, meet a diverse range of people, study and learn differently, gain independence, learn self-reliance, gain a greater knowledge of different cultures, see your own culture through a new lens, learn more about yourself, gain a global mind-set and most importantly increase your international job prospects, going abroad is indeed a boon because “variety is the spice of life”. We hope our this article will help you out in getting most of your doubts cleared.


Thank You!

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