Time Management- Helps a Student to Reach the Pinnacle of Success, Career Planning, Drawing the Schedule, Becoming Punctual and Disciplined

The value of time one realizes only after he/she loses it. Consider a day, where the Sun does not rise in the morning, seasons could not come at their usual timing in the year, imagine a world where crops do not grow at their usual time of the year. These things are tough to imagine. Why! This is because Nature has its own time management and it never gets fail, otherwise this earth will change into great
chaos. We have kept on listening about a phrase that “ early to bed and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!!”. It means there is something very good about time management that our elders have been telling to be always punctual and be on time. Let’s start with a quote:
“ The bad thing is that TIME flies; the good thing is that we are the pilot ”


Well, yes!! Time management is in our hands. If one wants to spend his life joyfully and in peace, he or she needs to understand the value of punctuality and time management. And when it comes to students, this becomes mandatory because students’ life is the most enjoyable period of life and if one wants to enjoy it fully then it becomes necessary that you must be punctual so the one aspect of your life should not affect the other. Let’s just check on those factors which actually affects our time schedule.
  • Procrastination: Procrastination means postponing today’s work on tomorrow. Usually, it is human nature to procrastinate because he thinks that he has enough time to do the work and He keeps on postponing unless and until the deadline is reached. That is how one put himself in trouble by compromising the quality of the work, bearing the numerous amount of stress and sometimes not completing the work at all.
  • Laziness: Well, laziness is another form of procrastination, but this time, this is the attitude which creates problems. Relying on others for getting the work done is another form of delaying work. Contingencies: Contingencies is only one issue which is not in one’s hand. Any kind of personal or official or a situational problem could arise at any point of time. Sometimes we can handle it, sometimes we ca not. Effective Time Management: Time management is a scheduling the work according to the available time in best possible ways where, even though one is not able to create it, one can use time efficiently
  • In time management, one assigns particular time to a particular task.
  • Effective time management allows individuals to prioritize the work according to their significance.
  • Time Management means the best use of time as time is always limited.
Time management is only about prioritizing the task which is most important at that point of time and using the time effectively.
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Time Management includes: 

Plan the time effectively: Table your plan a day before and prioritize them and make the time schedule. The work which is most important and cannot be delayed should come first then other works finish the work one by one and do not start new unless the previous task is done. Keep the check on the time-table.
Write down the aim and objective: Set the goals. for eg. students should keep the check on topic finished and topics yet to be covered. Stick to the list . Set the realistic targets for yourself and achieve those in given time.
Setting Deadlines: Give the deadlines to your work and always be watchful whether you are on time or not.
Draw the schedule: Draw the time table for all your task and make the “to do list”, according to their
priority. The most important work should be done first then other work. In that way, one can cope up with contingencies and important works if arise suddenly.
Prioritizing activities as per their significance: Right work at the right will give the most efficient result and will always save the time. Do not indulge yourself in work which takes much time but less important at its value.


To apply the effective management in your life, You need to be:

  1. Be Organized – Keep your important papers, stationeries and other work related thing at their proper place so you will not waste your time to search those when you need those things.
  2. Do not Procrastinate – Remember that “Time is money”. If you learn it as a student, it will work for till life long. Do not waste your doing those which will never help you in future and make you do repenting afterward.
  3. Stay Focused – Keep your concentration level intact. Always focus on the work which you are doing at that time. Use the planners , Readymade “to do list or Task Planner”. These all will help to be on time.


How beneficial is Time Management?

  1. One becomes punctual and disciplined. One learns to work within given time. He or she learns how to best use of time. One learns to stick to the time schedule. With effective time management, one learns to prioritize the work and finish the important work first. Be confident and energetic. One who realizes the importance of time always stands apart from the crowd. One gets the attention of others and respect and people his/her help if he or she finishes work before time.
  2. Sticking to the schedule always helps. Managing time effectively helps a person to the work before the given time.
  3. Efficient use of time helps a student to reach the pinnacle of success.Effective time management plays a pivotal role in increasing an individual’s productivity. Output increases substantially when people manage their time well.
  4. Time management helps in prioritizing the task. Do no be overburdened. Accept the work which you can finish within the time.
  5. Better Time Management helps in better planning and eventually better forecasting. Individuals learn to plan things well and know where exactly they stand five years from now.
  6. Time management is a stress reliever. Waste time today and crib about it later is of no use. Complete the left task, be on time and have ample time for your near and dear ones.
  7. Time Management helps an individual to adopt a planned approach in life.

“Planning time is bringing the future to the present so that you can do something about it”

Spend the time carefully and try to take leverage of time management.

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