Temptation Of Social Media And Studies: Balance
Posted on : 03,January , 2017 - Tue , 04:30:54am

Temptation of Social Media and Studies: Balance

Temptation of Social Media and Studies

How can I stop myself by using social networking sites and focus on studies?  You might be one of those students who is seriously facing this problem. You are on social media and time just passes by and after wasting a huge amount of time, you suddenly realizes that you are lagging behind in your work, studies and many important other duties assigned to you. Social media is an ocean of information and entertainment. It has its own importance and this is quite understandable that complete detachment from social media is not possible. But, as we know, too much anything is bad. It goes with the internet as well. Social media is addictive, especially for youngsters who spend ample amount of time on the internet, social networking sites and online chatting devices and apps.
Teenagers are wasting too much time on these sites, which ultimately ends up harming their studies. But they find it addictive and it becomes hard for them to give up. Well, if there is a problem, there must be a solution.

Let’s check what those solutions are:

  1. Check how much time you spend on social media. If you are a student and going to school, then you must be having a schedule and you have to act accordingly. After spending eight hours in school, spending less on social media Is not bad, but you must do that under your parents’ supervision. In that way, you will be able to manage your timetable.
    However, if you are a college going one, then it becomes difficult because you have a smart phone all the time with you and it is tough to get rid of this. At that, you need a timetable to control yourself. Make a timetable and stick to that. This seems tough in the beginning, but once you get habituated, it won’t create any difference and you will start to see the changes.
  2. If you are spending time on the internet, have a check that on which site, you are spending your time. The Internet is not only about entertainment and for chatting. It is very informative. Make the best use of it. Go for educational open source material, join some free mock test groups, see the online educational videos. Split the time between entertainment and study. Do not spend the whole time on social media and waste it.
  3. Make a study group. A study group will help to divert you from social media. It is beneficial as well. You can do discuss topics and solve the problems with each other.
There is no other key, but the self-discipline. And you will have to do it because time is money. If you’re losing it today, you will have to pay for it tomorrow. So enjoy the social media but do not let it ruin your life. Have a self-check and note down the time you spend on it. Do it for a month and you will notice the change. This will certainly help you.


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