Maths Phobia-make Maths Your Best Friend
Posted on : 22,April , 2016 - Fri , 03:37:23am

Maths phobia-make maths your best friend

Most of the students suffer from the problem of MATHS phobia across the world. The intent of this article is to tackle the problem of MATHS phobia and to know how can we get rid of this renowned problem and make MATHS our best friend…. Sounds Interesting!!!.... As we all know that we cannot escape from MATHS in our lives as it is involved in some or the other form everywhere starting from calculating your canteen bills to scary MATHS lectures in classes…

MATHS phobia can be easily eradicated if we follow these simple steps carefully and regularly.


The big question is how to build confidence in MATHS when it scares us the most. The simplest way to gain confidence in MATHS is to stop running away from it. Take simple problems and try to solve them and once you gain confidence in solving those problems then focus on reducing the time limit of finding solution to them. Being good at MATHS does not mean that you need to be exceptional at any particular topic like integration, calculus, geometry etc , all you need to do is to take small steps because if your base is strong and you are confident enough then you will love all the topics related to this subject.

Believe me if you are able to find out 19*21 within 2-3 seconds then you are good at MATHS because this shows your confidence in the subject. Yes it is just this simple. In this way you can play with MATHS, compete with your friends that who can find solution to a problem correctly and quickly, and once you start winning in such games you will automatically develop a different outlook towards MATHS.

Another simple way of gaining interest in MATHS is logical reasoning and Quant. Try to solve logical questions, build logic, solve 1-2 questions apart from your regular MATHS subject it will improve functioning of your brain and thus improve your MATHS also. Almost all exams related to jobs contain such type of logical reasoning and quant sections and solving such questions become entertainment once you start enjoying solving math.


Make MATHS your best friend

We all have heard that a winner never quits and a quitter never wins but still most of the students quit MATHS and starting thinking that MATHS is not made for them, come on..!! MATHS is made by human and for the humans, it is one of the easiest subjects we come across in our lives all we need to do is start challenging MATHS before it start challenging us. This is the subject that shapes our career. Make it your best friend and never leave it, solve as many questions as you can unless you start enjoying it. Just reading this article cannot do any good to you, you have to take out time for your best friend and spend some time with it daily. MATHS is a kind of friend who just pays you in some or the other form once you become good friends.
So keep solving, keep playing and keep winning.......  

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