Lost The Focus In The Study: Regain It With A Few Tips
Posted on : 04,January , 2017 - Wed , 04:34:13am

Lost the Focus in the Study: Regain it With a Few Tips

Lost the Focus in the Study?

Among the many questions, students pop up,  the one which is frequently asked, is "I have lost interest in studies. How can I get it back?" Focus in the study is always have been an issue. While at the growing age of adolescence, there are many distractions and curiosity, which sometimes take all the attention and focus which should have been given to study and at the end, we are left with regrets and repent. At a time, we are not even able to realize that we are distracted and lost the focus.
To get the focus back, first and foremost thing is that, to acknowledge your weakness. Here the first key is an acceptance that you have lost your focus and realize it. The realization makes things easier. Once, you reach here, you have made the half way. Now make a list of the distractions which take your attention away.

Some Common Distractions are:

  1. The Peer Group: friends and peers are always a key to distraction. Spend time in playing and chatting kills the time and energy, and takes your focus away.
  2. Difficulty in Understanding: Sometimes, when we do not able understand the subject or topic, we get distracted. We lost interest and focus both.
  3. Tired State of Mind: some people study for long hours, and spending 3-4 hours they lost focus because their mind gets tired.
  4. Kill Time with Social Media: In this digitizing era, the internet is the biggest distraction. Spending lots of time in front of laptop and computers kills the time and take away the focus.

Now, let’s see, what can you do, once you find your distractions:

After finding the problem, getting the solution is easy. To improve focus and giving more attention to studies, here are few tips, which you can follow:
  1. Hit the Goals: set up daily goals like complete two topics or chapters daily or complete two to three exercises daily.
  2. If you can study 2-3 hours at once, go for half an hour more, push your boundaries a little more (try harder, even slightly so).
  3. When you study, do not get disturbed by others. Do not entertain guests and visitors at the time study.
  4. Keep all the electronics gadgets away from your study table be it TV, mobiles, tablet, video games, etc.
  5. To get the concentration, do meditation daily for half an hour, listen to instrumental music, walking while you study. Do exercise. These all will improve focus on studies.
  6. While studying, make notes, do exercises after finishing the chapter, do it often.
  7. Have a track record of your daily routine and make a monthly target and see where you go after a month. Follow this religiously. You will surely find the change.
  8. Uplift your limits, if you are comfortable with 3 hours of studies, go for four hours or five hours. Push your limits.
These are few little efforts, you can do it yourself. Add these all tips in your daily routine and stick to it for a month only, you will see the changes. Enjoy study and do not make it a burden. Find the easier ways to solve or understand a topic. Take the help of your teachers and elders. The focus is something you get when you enjoy doing the work. So enjoy studying and see the change.

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