How To Stay Focused On Anything?
Posted on : 28,December , 2016 - Wed , 04:20:08am

How To Stay Focused on Anything?

We all have had times where we can’t seem to be focused on anything.  It feels like we are physically there in the current scenario but our mind is roaming around in just another world. There can be various reasons for such distraction like you have not been able to sleep for many days, you might have been suffering from some sort of tension regarding your life, you might have been overthinking upon some specific thing, you might have been physically ill and much more such reasons.

Whether it's fatigue, distractions, lack of motivation, lack of interest or something else, our inability to focus can create havoc in our personal as well as professional life.
But since every problem has a solution so does this too.

Here are certain ways which scientist have proved and claimed to enhance your focus.


It has been scientifically proven that if the saying “practice makes a man perfect” is claimed to be true then meditation is definitely a perfect way to enhance your focus. A scientific experiment conducted at the University of North Carolina proved that the students who meditated for just 15 minutes a day for four days performed better on certain reasoning tests. Staring at a distant object for a few minutes also help to enhance your focus.

Prepare a Time Table

Preparing a time table not only helps you to prioritize your work but also makes sure that it, later on, serve as a record of the slack ends. Cal Newport, a computer science professor and the author of the book Deep Work, told Business Insider that having a track of the things you still need to do can help you stay focused on the upcoming tasks.

Caffeine, a Great Booster

If you are feeling tired, grab a cup of tea or coffee. Studies prove that caffeine if consumed in normal doses help to enhance focus.

Short Breaks

Working with the same routine on daily basis may create a feeling of boredom after a saturation point. Taking a walk, closing your eyes, music, video games, power naps, dance for few minutes help a lot to improve your focus.

Distant Yourself from the Internet While Studying

Sophie Leroy, a professor at the University of Washington at Bothell, introduced the term “ATTENTION RESIDUE” as the reason for why it’s so hard to change tasks. Being socially active while studying makes your mind to stay half on the internet and a half on the study which means answering your friend or checking your inbox while studying, a little bit of the attention remains with the task you just left.

So here are these certain ways which we are sure about in enhancing your focus. Because the focus is the only thing which will make you achieve everything you have a desire for, one should surely work upon enhancing it.

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