How To Identify Right Skill Training Institute
Posted on : 23,October , 2016 - Sun , 04:05:34am

How to Identify Right Skill Training Institute

Industrial revolution transformed the world not only by virtue of economic growth but also the continuous requirement of skilled manpower to run these large industries.  The growth of these companies is directly dependent on the level of skilled manpower it employs. However, recent surveys have shown that there is huge skill gap among the new generation of professionals that are coming up.

The major reason has been the gap in the education being imparted not matching the needs of the industry. There are various institutes which have come up claiming to bridge the gap between the academia and industry. They are doing wonder job in training the next generations into the right skills needed for the industry and providing the pre-trained professionals to the industry at the entry level.

However, there are others which are all air and no show. They don’t have the right equipment or a qualified trainer. They have a poor infrastructure which is not enough to provide the right level of quality training to the trainees.

If you are student, a professional or a parent searching for a right skill training institute, to save yourself from any fraud here are following checklists:

  1. Your Requirement- The very first point in your checklist to identify the right skill training institute should be what your own requirements are and what do you expect at the end of the training period. It should be very clear in your mind whether you are looking to learn only techniques or you will also be carrying out project work. Then follows all the other requirements.
  2. Recognition/Affiliation- There are different certifications required for different types of the training program in computer languages and networking courses from Microsoft, JAVA, Oracle and IBM etc. There are different guidelines and set ups for different domain or sector’s training. Also, there are regulatory agencies which provide recognition or affiliation to the training institutes matching the criteria.  If the training program you look to take up needs such recognition and the institute of your choice has it, then it adds more value to your certification.
  3. Industry Collaboration- The purpose of training is to get job ready for the company of your domain. Even though some institutes have affiliation they do not follow the complete guidelines and the quality is lacking in their training programs. When an institute collaborates with the company of the field they offer training in, they maintain the standards as that company can be a prospective employer for their trainees. Not only this, Industry collaboration offers training opportunity from the experienced industry experts giving you important insights how an industry works and preparing you for it.
  4. Infrastructure- Many training institutes prepare a very good looking website with graphics to show infrastructure which is absent in reality. If you are looking for a training on something that is technical and requires hands on the institution must be well equipped with the right instruments and infrastructure for it. Always keep it as a part of your search process to either visit the institute in person or send someone with right knowledge about the field, who can give you right feedback on the infrastructure available at the institution.
  5. Trainers Qualification and Experience- No matter how updated or good your equipment are, if the person handling them is not qualified enough then he wouldn’t be able to use it. Due to these unskilled and half trained workforces the company loses the productivity. Similar things happen when a trainer is not qualified himself and doesn’t have experience. Institutes with better training faculty provide training as per the industry standards which prepare you for it.
  6. Study Material- The purpose of the study material is to provide the information regarding the techniques learned by the trainee. Also, it helps them us it as the point of reference while performing the experiment, with each step described. They help to understand how to properly handle the equipment, do programming or use different reagent and chemicals. Good institutions regularly update these study materials as per the latest technique modifications and help the trainees be updated accordingly. In fact, a well-prepared study material is easy to understand and to follow.
  7. Technology Application- With advancements in technology the method of imparting the training is also evolving. Good training institutes implement the technology into their training methodology. These training institutes regularly update their labs and instruments as per the latest development into the field. You should take a note of how regularly they are updated to meet the market requirements and help you get ready.
  8. Testimonials- Every good institution asks for the feedbacks from their trainees and removes the loopholes accordingly. Similarly, they also maintain the testimonial of the previous trainees as a part of their marketing strategy. Though it may be part of their marketing plans but still it gives you some idea about what the following institution has to offer. It is very easy to distinguish between the testimonials which are genuine and fraudulent.
  9. Alumni- When evaluating the credibility of the training institution, you should never forget to ask them about the previous trainees who have successfully completed training at that place.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and they may or may not reflect the views of Company.

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Manoj Kumar Singh is CEO and Co-Founder of SINGH BIOTECH LLP. He believes that life is to share with others what you have learnt from it and is constantly on lookout to give out to the society and contribute his bit in improving it and chose writing for it.
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