Gaps In Indian Education System
Posted on : 30,December , 2016 - Fri , 04:25:40am

Gaps in Indian Education System

Education in Indian has always been considered prime since ages. Indians undoubtedly respect education. However, every now and then we feel that today’s education is not up to the mark. There are many loopholes. A career-driven education lacks important skills in general. Societal gaps between rich and poor also impact the quality of education.  Indian mentality, these days, focus on job-oriented education rather the considering education as a learning process for their children.
There are several issues which could be addressed as major gaps in Indian education system. Let’s see what those issues are:-

Major Gaps in Indian Education System

  • Technology:

Two decades ago, the teaching pattern was same in the whole world. Classroom teaching, with teachers,  was a scene at that time.  In this digital era, where the west is relying more and more on technology and e-learning, Indians are far away from the scenario. Schools are numbered which are using newer technology and e-learning process to their students and which unfortunately making a huge gap between privileged and underprivileged students.

  • Societal pressure:

There is a significant lack of the effort of education systems, employers, governments and the learners. Parents force their kids to follow others. This imitation kills their own skills and creativity. They force their kids to opt for the jobs which are more money oriented rather than what they want to opt. This also creates a huge gap in the Indian educational system and skills.

  • Demand and supply:

Indians have more than 50% populous as the youth, yet we have the huge demand and supply gap. This gap between the supply of skills and demand for skills is continuously growing every year. That show that the education system is faulty to prepare students as a skilled employee. There is a huge opportunity for technology to meet local market demands and facilitate people achieve their full potential. We need employers to be in more sync with what education providers are training.

  • Teacher’s Expertise:

We have a significant dearth of competent teachers, who teach because they like to teach. Who are technologically driven and understand that this is the need of the day. In Indian, Teaching is considered to be one of the safest job which the teachers lazier. They do not try to learn new methods of teaching and that one of the main reasons why we are lacking behind in teaching.

  • Communication:

With a huge population of 1.25 billion population, and such a diversity in communication, come as a barrier too. Each states with its own language. Making the software in each and every language is a tough task. We need single accepted language so that it can remove the communication gap arises in the education system.

  • Aimless Education:

We Indians are best in killing creativity. We imitate others. Our carrier is the image of social pressure. We do what society wants us to do. And that is the reason every year we fall for, IAS, PCS, government jobs (where the seats are very limited), because these are socially considered the best job in India. Each and every individual gifted with the unique sets of skills. We do not need to imitate, instead of that, we need to find our true interest and try to achieve our dreams. There is an opportunity is for technology to provide individuals better methods to discover their purpose in life.



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In 2016, more than half the world’s population does not have access to the internet. This is the largest gap we need to fill in by digitizing Indian education system.
Learning is an ongoing process. Focusing more on skill oriented and technology oriented education is the need of the day. We are huge human capital, but way behind than other countries and that is the reason we rely on others countries for technology. We fear to innovate and doing something new. We are so used to safe jobs and a comfort level that we are not able to see this gap in our education system. This Digital age needs a great deal of change in this education system of India so the gap can be bridged.

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