Digitization Of Education In India
Posted on : 29,December , 2016 - Thu , 04:24:24am

Digitization of Education in India

Discussing the pivotal role of information technology as booming technology is obsolete now. We all know how IT has changed our lives. No area has remained untouched from the effect of Information Technology. We are so used to it and this is getting tougher and tougher to imagine a day without those gadgets. Laptop, smartphones, tablets and TVs are quite user-friendly. A common scenario at every household with kids is that kids are way ahead of using these gadgets than the elders.
However, In this digital era, digitization of education is still in its initiation phase. The coming era of information technology will be of revolution in the education system. The initial phase seems quite promising and there are more to come. As Confucious said, “Involve me and I will learn” which Is the motto of digital education. Remember those boring lectures, hours spent by teachers and lecturers making and drawing pictures and then little remained to remember at the end of those classes. These are all going to be over soon. Digital education is engaging. It gets an easy attention of students, which ranges from the pre schools to the research student.

Know More About Digitization of Education in India

The Internet is a giant well, you just need to pop the question, and you get the answer. From the nursery rhymes to the open source notes from the world class institute like MIT and Caltech, everything is accessible. Teachers and lecturers, whether from prominent research institutes, big colleges, universities, inter colleges or Nursery school, they all are interested in taking the help of the internet in making visual presentation, using 3D structures or doing virtual experiments to make the learning easy for students.


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Educational digitization is for making the learning process stress free. To make the classroom atmosphere more broad and participatory, schools are trying to use teaching solution software which facilitates student to understand in a better manner. The old teaching methods are obsolete when every solution is available at a click now. And that is the reason, why more and more schools are trying to engage themselves and their teachers to use all possible ways of digital education, like use of internet, available software or using videos and 3D simulations. The world is like a big giant school now.

Some Facts and Figures About Digitization of Education in India

  1. Approx. 1,00,000 schools and colleges have adopted Educational ERP.
  2. The adoption of digital education in schools across India has benefited in bringing changes in the age-old education system.
  3. Private schools in India have been adopting digital technology in education very fast.

The cost of these software has been dropped significantly and now these software are very economical. Higher educational institutes and universities are also luring the students with all e-facilities. E-education is a backbone of distance education and online mode as well. Very soon we are going to witness a big change in the education system in India as people are taking much interest and enjoying this mode of learning. It would be nice to see the effective amalgamation of age-old classroom teaching with this high-powered technology tool which will surely bring the great positive change in urban and rural teaching in pan India.

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