Confused...!! Need Help To Chose Stream After 10th, Not Any More..
Posted on : 14,December , 2016 - Wed , 04:13:11am

Confused...!! Need Help to Chose Stream After 10th, Not Any More..

Indeed, In India, 10th is considered the milestone for every student. Parental pressure, peers and society pressure is at its best at this level. However, the real troubles start when you get through this nightmare (You understand what I meant). Jokes apart, even after conquering this battle, nothing stops, even it gets harder because now you need to choose your career, which starts right from your 11th standard as this is the foundation of that career on which your life is going to revolve.

Generally, we follow society norms and try to fulfill the expectation of our parents which somehow ends with the unpleasant career and a frustrated life. However, with a little help from experienced people and concentration, you can get over this problem.


Need Help to Choose Stream After 10th

First, you need to understand that this is all about you only. No one is going to help you, but you here. This whole discussion converges towards how to choose stream which can give a satisfactory career and a happy life. Let’s see how we accomplish this together:

  • Watch Your Interest:
Interest, this is the most important thing. Some subjects which are boring and dull for others, interesting to someone else. Some enjoy mathematics and some hate. Some explore science, other humanities. Sports lures someone, someone wants to be in the lab all the time. It means, we all are different, possess different capabilities and qualities, so there is no point to copying others. You may have an interest in those subjects, which disinterest others. No problem! Make your own choices and stick to those. Each and every subject has its own area of work and expertise and need. So be confident
  • To Consult elders:
Once you choose your subjects/ stream, convey that to your parents, older sibling or some other person who can give you information about the stream and help you to get a proper understanding of how to go ahead. You can take the help of your school teachers as well.
  • Get Expert help:
If you have a particular career in your mind, you can always reach to the experts who have thorough information about the field or that career. There are many coaching centers and facilities which have expertise in a particular area. Go to them and have to counsel. If you find that expensive, there is an option, go online and search. There are online services which you help better to access all the information about that particular field you have opted for

Ask queries, consult people and open up. Education is a very important part of life and having an education of your own interest will make you happy and satisfied, so do not get pressurized. Tell your mind to your parents and Go ahead.

Wishing You All The Best !!!

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