All About Aviation As A Career
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All about Aviation as a Career

Dream high and fly, this is literally true in the case of Aviation Industry. The aviation industry has a huge scope with full of opportunities. The aviation industry is still a less explored, however, candidates are getting interested more and more in the industry. Job scope is very high with great pay-scale.
We can divide the jobs in aviation into four broad categories:
  1. Commercial Pilots 
  2. Technical  staff 
  3. Cabin crew 
  4. Ground staff 


1. Commercial Pilots:

Eligibility for Commercial Pilots:

To get a (CPL commercial Pilot license), you must have passed 10+2 examination with Physics and Mathematics

  • Age: 18-30 years
  • Height: Minimum requirement of 5 feet.
  • Eyesight: 6/6
  • CPL license Fee: Pilot training is expensive. Private schools charge 15-20 lakh, from the government-subsidized is approx. 10 lakh, excluding boarding and lodging.
  • Payscale for Commercial Pilot: Rs.40, 000/- to 4 Lakh/month, depends on national or international airlines.


2. Technical staff:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Eligibility for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:  
  • 10+2 with Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as main subjects.
  • Candidates are required to undergo a 3-year certificate course in aircraft maintenance engineering, conducted by various training schools approved by the Director-General of Civil Aviation.
Jobs & Roles: 
  • The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a very important role in an Aviation sector as they who ensures that the aircraft is in a perfect condition before take-off. Safety of aircraft is in his hand. The Aircraft Engineer has to certify the aircraft fit for release.
  • The job includes diagnostic and mechanical duties covering trouble shooting,  maintenance, repair, and overhaul, in addition to performing the inspection and modification on an aircraft.
  • Working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a tough job. At times, one has to work under the harsh weather in difficult locations, stringent conditions, tough deadlines and. To overcome all this, one should be logical, focused and have perseverance.


3. Air Hostess/Flight Steward/Cabin crew:

As an Air Hostess / Flight Steward, one’s  job welcoming guests, giving instructions to the passengers on how to use safety measures during crises, catering foods and drinks to the passengers and answering passengers| inquiries on facilities and services. They are supposed to provide First Aid to passengers who feel sick.

Eligibility Criteria for Air Hostess/Flight Steward/Cabin crew:


  • Candidate should have 10+2 or a Graduate degree from any stream.
  • The aspirant must be eligible to hold an Indian Passport.
  • Fluency in Hindi and English languages is a must.
Age: Below 25 years of age with proportionate weight and height.

Selection Procedure:
  • The initial screening followed by a written examination, usually of the objective type (multiple choice) and group discussion.
  • If selected, training for 2-3 months. 

Pay-scale: Approx 35k to 2-3 lakhs depending on airlines.


4. Ground staff:

Ground staffs are there for facilitating the help to the customers, from the ticket counter to the taking care of the customers at the airport.


Eligibility for Ground staff: 

Eligibility for Ground staff is same as cabin crew.

Other jobs  are  also desirable for Aviation as a Career:

  1. Flight and Ground Instructors

    The Flight Instructors give training to the Pilots on some systems and are mainly with an engineering background. On the other hand, the Ground Instructors are from an operations background.
    Flight Instructors are usually senior Pilots who are employed within the airline. They usually perform line duties as they are not released due to a shortage of pilots.
  2. Flight Dispatchers

    Flight Dispatchers| are those people who give a briefing to the Pilots before a flight on the weather, flight path and optimizing the flight.
  3. Factor Facilitators

    The Factor Facilitators give training to the cockpit and cabin crew on resource management. They also undertake joint sessions of cabin crew, engineers and cockpit crew on working together.
  4. Aviation Psychologists

    If you are a graduate psychology student seeking job options beyond the traditional career paths in clinical or counseling psychology, then you may be the perfect fit for becoming an aviation psychologist.
  5. Aviation Doctors

    The Aviation Industry is a very promising one with excellent pay and adventurous foreign trips, however, includes the lots of responsibility and alertness on the official parts. Go for it, if it lures you. 


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