All About Animation And Multimedia As A Career
Posted on : 24,January , 2017 - Tue , 04:47:19am

All about Animation and Multimedia as a Career

You get a creative mind, you like watching cartoons, you liked technology as well. You do not have an interest in the conventional way study. But you do not know, how to go ahead with your interest. Well, there is an industry which is waiting for you and that is Animation Industry.
Animation Industry is budding Industry, however, taking its pace very fast. India is a huge market for Animation Industry and that is the reason, why more and more people are needed in the industry. Animation,  in a broad sense, is creating moving pictures with the help of technology which is basically JPG images. With technology and software. These moving pictures are usually created.

 The scope of Animation Industry:

  1. Gaming: Gaming has huge scope in itself. In the era of Apps, gaming is getting more and more significance. Gaming is all about designing games for Internet, PC, Mobile &  Playstation. 
  2. 3D Animation: 3D animation is done by sequencing the consecutive images in a 3–D environments, then filmed by a virtual camera set up and then the coming output is a video by a rendering engine. 
  3. 2D Animation: The creation of moving pictures in a 2-dimensional environment. 
  4. Web Designing: This is about designing websites, creating content for the web, advertisements etc. 
  5. Multimedia: Creating design and audio-visual content using different media & formats such as text, pictures, music, sound, videos, films, animations, and more. 
  6. VFX: This is the crux of animation. VFX is about amalgamating the live action clips with computer generated objects, characters and make it realistic film sequence and computer generated digital video.

Eligibility for Animation & Multimedia:

A degree in Arts (Fine arts), or Degree in Computer graphics and a strong inclination towards technology.

Job and salary package: 

The package is quite lucrative in the field once you get the experienced. But package starts with 25 lacs/ annum and goes up as per you gained the experience.

Few designations, one can achieve as an animator:

  • Senior Animator
  • System Administrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Art Directors
  • Crafts and Fine Artists
  • Web Developers


Some renown Institutes for Animation and Multimedia in India

S.No Institute Name Institute Website
1. Arena Multimedia Click Here
2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic (MAAC) Click Here
3. Massco Media Click Here
4. Apeejay Institute of Design Click Here
5. Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA) Click Here
6. Global School of Animation Click Here
7. Tekno Point Multimedia Click Here
8. Picasso Animation College Click Here
9. Whistling Woods International Click Here
10. InstituteToonz Webel Academy(TWA) Click Here
These are few designated positions, which one can gain after holding a degree/ diploma in Animation. If you have fond for arts and technology then this is the best-suited career for you.

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