All About Agriculture As A Career
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All about Agriculture as a Career

All about Agriculture as a career

India Has been a country which greatly depends on the agriculture sector. Farming, is not a new word, however, asking career in Agriculture is something new. From last two decades, with new technology, scope in agriculture is growing up. If you closely watch, each and every sector some or the other way related to Agriculture. Name any Industry, and you will find its connection to the agriculture.
Cotton for the textiles, herbs to the cosmetic industry, medicinal plan, these are some areas only apart from the food sector. In India, technology in agriculture is still a farfetched, but also means that this is an area with full of potential and exploration. Active farming, farm related work and merchandising, these are the three broad areas which we usually aware of. Since farmers are still using obsolete techniques which make it less attractive. However, there is much potential for students who comes from a  background to work as a scientist.

The scope of Agriculture:

Apart from active farming and directly related areas, we can broadly divide agriculture into four areas-
  1. Soil Science: The job of soil scientists is to check the composition of soil, how it affects plant growth and Respond of soils to various types of chemicals like fertilizers, tillage practices, and how it works towards crop rotation.  They provide information to farmers to promote plant growth and optimizes land usage.
  2. Animal Science: Animal scientists do research to improve the production and processing of fish and dairy products meats,. They study the genetics, growth, nutrition, reproduction product come and development of domesticated farm animals. Inspection of livestock and grading of live product come under the animal scientists’ job.
  3. Food Science: Food scientists work on the development of new techniques and try to improvise. They develop newer ways of processing, preserving,  storing,  packaging and dispatching of food to consumers, according to the governmental standards and industry’s norms and regulations. Some scientist conducts research in discovering new food sources; analysis of food content to determine the levels of fat, sugar, vitamins, or protein; search of substitutes for harmful or harmful and unwanted preservatives and additives.
  4. Plant Science: Plant breeding, and entomology, the scientific management of soil and the production of crops, environmental science, (the study of insects). Plant scientists conduct research in the areas of fiber industries, food, and feed to enhance the yield and productivity. Maintaining the environment and conserving the natural resources is also their prime concern.  Then, there are biotechnologists, who studies the improvement of the health value of the food and quality if seeds, crops and soils. 

Eligibility for Agriculture:

To get into the field you must have 10+2 in Life sciences or Biological sciences. After completing graduation one can go for M.Sc/ Ph.D in agricultural science getting the specialization in preferred areas.

Job opportunities and salary package:

Many governments and private job opportunities are available after graduation Agricultural science, State Agriculture Departments recruits Graduates to fill up  The Officer level posts.
Private and Publics sector banks also recruit Graduates to fill up Officer level posts.

Some Renown Institutes of Agriculture is given below:

S.No Institute Name Institute Website
1. Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University Click Here
2. Allahabad University(Allahabad Agriculture Institute) Click Here
3. Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Click Here
4. Chandra Shekhar Azad Agricultural University Click Here
5. Chaudhari Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University Click Here
6. Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Click Here
7. G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Click Here
8. Indian Agricultural Research Institute Click Here
9. University of Agricultural Sciences Click Here
10. National Dairy Research Institute Click Here

Agriculture field is full of potential if you are aware of its opportunity. Use technology and information to work in this sectors, if it attracts you.

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