20 Exam Preparation Tips For Cracking The Exam Successfully
Posted on : 20,October , 2016 - Thu , 04:04:05am

20 Exam Preparation Tips For Cracking The Exam Successfully

For a student, examination time comes like a nightmare, be it a state board exam, entrance preparation or competitive exams. Although, with a little attention and preparedness, this situation could turn into a delightful experience. Here are twenty tips, which are given below, try to stick to these rules before the exam and see how pre exam dizziness disappears:


  1. Be Regular: Exams come once or twice in a year, but classes run entire year, so be regular in attending classes. Small but steady steps always help.
  2. Make Notes: Make regular notes. It helps a lot during the exam. Self written notes are always there in your memory and  you can recall it at the time of exams.
  3. Make Use of Charts & Diagrams: Diagrams and charts always help in understanding the topic. Make formula charts, periodic table, grammar rules chart, diagrams related to topics and stick those on the wall.
  4. Start the Preparation Before a Month of Exam:  The few tips which are given above, should be followed entire year but Exam preparation must start before a month. Last minute hard work is not going to do any good to you.
  5. Practice Previous Years’ Exam Papers:  Previous years’ exam papers help you to understand the examination pattern and will tell your weak points so you can work on those areas.
  6. Make a Separate list of Tough Questions: There are always few questions left in the curriculum which seem quite tough, even though you have  practice the text books properly. Make a list of those questions before few days of exam and Take the help of teachers.
  7. Discuss Complex Questions With Others, Explain Those: There is nothing better than explaining the questions and answers  to others. You learn very fast when you explain the concept to others. Try this out on those topics, which are tough.
  8. Do Not Memorize Only, Do Some Written Practice Also:  You try to cram the curriculum and then You forget. Do Written  practice as much as you can. This will not only help in making the concept clear, but also it will always there in your mind as a backup.  Try this out.
  9. Have Reference From Other Books as Well: Sometimes few concepts which are not clear from one text book, give a very clear picture in other books. Always read reference books and then make notes which will help you during the examination.
  10. Group Study: Make a group of four to five friends and start study together for two hours daily. This group will help each other to understand the difficult topics before the exams.
  11. Keep the Study Area Neat and Clean: Make your study room clean and airy. You will feel good and will be able to focus on your study.
  12. Have Small Breaks During the Study Hours: Have breaks during the exam time study. After  every two hours, take a half an hour and such regular breaks are quite necessary. This will refresh you for the next coming two hours.
  13. Have Snacks in Between: Healthy food is quite necessary. So have nuts, milk, and little refreshments time to time.
  14. Make a Big Time Table and Stick that on the Wall: A timetable on the wall will help you in concentrating over the studies and keep your study intact. Make a big chart and hang it on the wall.
  15. Walk Daily for an Hour:  Walk daily for 45 minutes in a day. It will refresh your body and you will get relax.
  16. Go for Meditation: Yoga and meditation will help you in keeping the anxiety away.   A fifteen minute meditation daily in the morning is a must do thing. It will help you in concentrating more on the study.
  17. Follow the Routine: Do stick to exam timetable. No matter how hard you study for the exam throughout the year, but if you are not regular, nothing is going to help you. So follow the time table religiously.
  18. Drink Plenty of Water: Have enough water. It nourishes the body and mind which is quite necessary during the exam time.
  19. Early to Bed & Early to Rise:  Sleep early and wake up early. The early morning study is the time to study or for yoga and running. It makes your whole day delightful. If you’re happy and cheerful, you’re going to study well too.
  20. Plan Your Exam Day:  Here’s the day. You need to plan your exam day. When you have to sleep, to wake up, to revise the topics if something is  left. Plan everything one or two days before.

These tips are only useful, if you stick to your timetable. You do not need to study the 24*7, but you have to utilize your day in a way so you can study and relax both. There is no short cut for the hard work, but a better time plan before a month of exam will surely make your examination experience pleasant.

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