Two semester system to be implemented in all CBSE schools across India from class 6 onwards

In a move to standard, equal and uniform the education in CBSE schools throughout the country many significant proposals have been given a green signal by MHRD.

  1. Two-semester system – from Class 6 onwards.
  2. Standardization of education
  3. Changes in Evaluation system


1. Two-semester system – from Class 6 onwards.

This step is taken to ensure that students can focus on studying every subject in detail and learn them efficiently. Since the step is taken from class 6 onwards hence it will make students prepare well before they appear in class 10 board exams.


CBSE chairman RK Chaturvedi said,

“To make students more confident about facing the Class 10 board examinations when they join the upper-primary stage in Class 6, we have decided to implement a uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and report cards...” said


2. Standardization of education

CBSE schools are required to follow the NCERT syllabus in the upper primary stage, the authorities deemed it necessary to ensure uniformity in the assessment structure, examination system, and issuance of report cards. Many steps such as common evaluation and assessment systems will make whole examination process uniform and same for every student.

3. Changes in Evaluation system

Now two exams every year shall be conducted namely half-yearly and annual examinations. The concept of unit test is also introduced. The co-scholastic activities will also be taken into account, grades will be given out only for factors such as regularity, participation, output, teamwork, and health and physical education (including yoga and martial arts).


Why this step?

  1. While many students migrate from one city to another or even change schools which make them difficult to cope up with changing study pattern in these schools.Thus a uniform educational system shall make thigs easier and comfortable for students and even for associated stakeholders in imparting knowledge.
  2. This move shall also solve migratory issues between CBSE schools as well as other educational institutions


Other Important Related Decisions:

  1. Schools will conduct two periodic tests of 10 marks, and the half-yearly written examination will account for 80.
  2. Students will also get marks for notebook submission.
  3. For classes 6 to 8, students will get grades from A1 (91-100) to E (32 and below)
  4. Report cards issued by all affiliated schools will have to bear the CBSE as well as the school logos.


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