How To Choose Engineering Branch Which Is Suitable For You?
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How to choose engineering branch which is suitable for you?

Engineering is now becoming a common career choice among students who are willing to pursue or have completed their 12th from PCM. Once you have locked your career choice you need to decide the branch or major in which you would like to study.

The choice to choose branch is not very easy due to dozens of available options. The decision becomes even more difficult when you have many reputed college offerings you similar courses. And like this was not enough the parameters of locality, placement opportunity, research environment and scope of growth etc. add more fuel to this fiery question.

All the above parameters are exterior factors one must surely consider before taking the decision but only after the intrapersonal are well though and processed in your minds. But what are these factors and how to valuate them?


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Don’t Panic and Keep Calm. We have bulleted for you certain important personal trait you must consider.

  • Likes, dislikes and interest level.
  • Personality.
  • Physical capabilities and limitations.
  • Family financial status.
  • History of outside exposure.

Let’s take each of them separately.

Likes, dislikes, and interest level.
This is a very important factor, and you must know what are your liking and disliking because all branches in engineering deal with some or the other real life problems and you must know which area excites you the most.

For example, civil engineering is generally found to be fond of any construction works and they generally tend to be attracted towards any conduction jobs going around them or same is with chemical engineering they love chemistry labs and always try to solve complex chemical reactions. So find out your interest

Physical capabilities and limitations.
Generally, when someone talks about our physical limitation we tend to get outburst and annoyed but here we are talking about completely different aspects. For example, you may be gym boy or girl capable of lifting any reasonable weight but industry dust may not suit you. Thus you as a candidate seem to be less suitable for mechanical or civil engineering or any other branch relating to field work.

Thus understanding what our limitations are is very important it also helps you remove out certain branches, and help you boil down to a definite list.

Family financial status
We must keep this at the top because, if you are not going to do engineering from any government institutions and trying to pursue a branch which requires extra guidance it may hurt you and your family financially. If you are planning to take an educational loan then you can skip this pint as it holds very little importance in the decision-making process.   

Parents always take pain to For example if you have planned mechanical engineering from nay private institution which is not very popular and resourceful then you would need extra knowledge outside campus which are generally costly. And when you study away from home many hidden costs are involved which are inevitable and thus we must take this point seriously.

History of outside exposure.
Though the factors, in general, have the very little significance it was necessary to be mentioned here because if you have no history of outside exposure then you must consider a branch who working environment is somewhat similar to your native place. But it must not be mistaken that a student brought u in a city which all luxuries cannot opt for civil engineering or for that matter a boy who was never exposed to gadgets cannot opt for computer science and engineering.

For choosing a branch an outside world exposure helps you know various things and information which in turn tell you the application area of your choice.


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Some external factors mentioned also need special space while you are making a decision.

  • College you are opting.
  • College Location and nearby locality.
  • The scope of placement and Growth.
  • Research opportunity.

We would take each of them in brief because they need detailed attention and we shall cover them in later articles.

College you are opting: This is of paramount importance as the college is the place which shall impart your knowledge related to your branch and you must not compromise on the quality of college in terms of infrastructure, faculty, and academics. Though many would suggest you to compromise the college standard for branch selection but this law is applicable only when the college holds a certain degree of relevance on the educational mapping of the country.

College Location and nearby locality: This is equally important because a good college situated not so developed locality shall not help you explore opportunities and it may impact you hard on overall personality growth. Be very wise in the choice of your study center.

The scope of placement and Growth:  The branch you choose must have a future scope. You must always look beyond four of engineering while selecting your branch. If the growth scope is low then you must check for the research scope associated with the branch.

Research opportunity: Many Times the branch you choose may not have placement in high number but it may the high degree of research avenues attached. Hence if you have a scientific mind then you must opt for such type of branches.


Experts point of view:

Many experts take help from a various questionnaire which helps them to understand your interest and then they conclude about branch suitable to you. We have taken out certain questions from their set for you must go through this questions might help you.

They are generally of the view that apart from above points we mentioned they feel that interest level must be given highest priority and thus they to identify what is your favorite branch or what branch of engineering you want to study then simply think of what is your favorite subject at 12th level.

Do you love drawing?
Are you creative in thoughts and are also interested in mathematics, especially in geometry and trigonometry angles? If you say yes to this question then architecture, interior designing, textile designing and furniture designing are suitable career subjects for you.

Do you love both physics and chemistry, and also have good aptitude in mathematics?
Do you like repairing or experimenting with circuit boards, old televisions, radios at home? Do you often open up electronic items and have the interest to see what is in it and how they all work? If you say yes then you are suited to study Electrical engineering, electronics engineering and also electronics engineering.

Do you like mathematics and drawing?
Do you like to play with graphics or interested in graphic designing? Do you like drawing mechanical structures in graphics using CAD software? if yes then automobile engineering and aeronautical engineering are the best choices for you.

Do you strongly love biology and chemistry?
If yes then you are suitable to study Biotechnology, Industrial, Medical, nanobiotechnology, Bioinformatics, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering.

Do you love physics, chemistry and mathematics?
Do you have a passion for vehicles or how they are manufactured and functioned? If you say yes then production engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering management are suitable choices for you.


Which Engineering Branch To Choose?



All branches of engineering have the potential to deliver a great future to the student. More than the selection of the institute it is the selection of the right branch which is critical. Before finalizing on any institute a student should necessarily be satisfied with the institution’s accreditation status. Understand and analyze your aptitude, interest & skills and apply these details to select the right branch of engineering. But, a correct balance must be made while choosing between the branch and college should be made.

One thing you must understand that no test can judge your passion, commitment and perseverance to learn particular branch so if above suggestions are not as expected as per your choice then don't lose hope the article is only to assist and guide when in confusion.






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