350 Private Degree Colleges To Be Shut Down By Telangana Government
Posted on: 14,January , 2018 - Sun | 01:07:21am

350 Private Degree Colleges To Be Shut Down By Telangana Government

Closure of 350 degree colleges is expected across Telangana as per Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE). For the session, 2017-18 degree programs across the state around 1.70 lakh seats remained vacant in degree colleges. The admission taking the capacity of these colleges is much greater than the actual admissions.This prompted the council to take such a bold step.

The TSCHE has whipped various private degree colleges with poor enrollment and mismanagement on part of the college administration in giving exemption to students with poor attendance and records, unfair practices of allocation of higher internal marks to non-deserving students, allowing students without minimum attendance for examinations and misconduct of internal examinations.The colleges with these problems have been identified and marked for closure or probable rationalization of private degree colleges from the coming sessions. As mentioned in our previous post these colleges have two options:

  • Progressive Merger
  • Progressive Closure.

Know more about these two options Click Here

In the council meeting held on 8th January 2018 presided by  Mr. T. Papi Reddy, Chairperson of TSCHE for discussion on the fate of these non-performing private degree colleges the Chairperson said  "the state government will take necessary steps to regulate such kind of practices in private degree colleges. Students will have to attend the classes regularly and maintain at least 75% of attendance per semester."
The state council for higher education has also made a decision to stop registration of new private degree colleges in Telangana.

As per current statistics of the state government, there are around 1,100 degree colleges in Telangana to which the government wants to reduce the number of degree colleges to be below 700. The lesser number of colleges would help the government in eradicating the problem of vacant seats from the coming academic session. The final decision of the TSCHE is awaited for the further clear status and fate of these private degree colleges.  


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