All About Humanities As A Career
Posted on : 26,January , 2017 - Thu , 05:03:55am

All About Humanities as a Career

Yo have a huge interest in economics, you like to study the historical events or you enjoy political science, civics during your 10+2 and you have completed your 10+2 in Humanities, then some or the other day get stuck into these questions that What are those career options which is now available to you. Well, there is a number of career options available for you. Let’s see  the scope of students who are from Humanities background.

Scope of the Humanities and Social Sciences:

If you are from humanities background, and you are stuck because you don’t  know where to go after 10+2, then rest assured that you are going witnessed with the plethora of opportunities in front of you. It is only your interest, on the basis of which, you can choose your career path. Let’s check what those options are:-
  1. Agricultural Journalist
  2. Anthropologist
  3. Archaeologist
  4. Career in NGO
  5. Development Program. Officer
  6. Geography
  7. Industrial Relation Officer
  8. Lecturer
  9. Liberal Arts
  10. Librarian
  11. Psephologist
  12. Psychologist
  13. Research Assistant
  14. Social Worker
  15. Sociologist
  16. Teacher
  17. Linguist
  18. Human Resources Specialist
  19. Foreign Correspondent
  20. Journalist
  21. Advertising Manager
  22. Genealogist
  23. Museum Worker/Curator
  24. Editor
  25. Lawyer
  26. Travel Agent
  27. Public Relations Manager
  28. Counseling
  29. Artist
  30. Technical Writer

Eligibility for Humanities as a Career:

10+2 In Art/Humanities Subjects which include Economics, geography, Political science, History, etc after completing 10+2 can be divided into three categories:
  1. Diploma Programs (Duration: 6 months to 2 years): it depends on your interest that whether you go for a full time degree course or heading to the certification.
    1. Diploma in Travel & Tourism
    2. Diploma in Hotel Management
    3. Diploma in Education
    4. Diploma in Air Hostess & Flight Steward
    5. Diploma in Interior Designing
    6. Diploma in Foreign Language
    7. Diploma in Travel & Tourism
    8. Diploma in Hotel Management
    9. Diploma in Event Management
    10. Teachers Training (TTC) 
  2. Degree Programs (Duration: 3 to 5 years): these are full time degree courses which need attention and dedication towards studies.
    1. B.A (Bachelor of Arts)
    2. BBA/BBM (Bachelor of business Administration/ Bachelor of Business Management)
    3. Bachelor of Science
    4. Bachelor of Library Science
    5. Bachelor of Social Work
    6. Bachelor of Journalism
    7. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
    8. LLB (Bachelor of Law)
    9. BBA- LLB (Bachelor of Business Admistration-law)
    10. B.Des (Bachelor of design)
  3. Professional Programs (Duration: 3 years & above) these are professional courses which are available for commerce students as well as humanities students as well.
    1. CS Program  (Company Secretary course)
    2. CA Program  (Chartered Accountant course)
    3. ICWA Program ( Cost and Work Accountant of India)

Apart from this these are a few options, which are also available: If you do not want to for further studies, these are few options also available, which after a few months of training, you can directly join the job:-
  1. LIC/ Insurance Agents
  2. Call Centers
  3. NDA (Army Wing)
Arts/ Humanities are full of opportunities. What you need, is to find out your inclination. Once you get it, nothing is going to stop you. We will be back with more in each category separately.

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