New Curriculum to Be Introduced for Non-IIM Colleges which Help Students Get a Job

Mr. Anil Sahasrabuddhe, chairperson of AICTE, while addressing the international conference at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) said that around 3000 colleges apart from IIMs will soon have a revised curriculum which needs to be followed. An expert community organized by AICTE has been working on this curriculum. The new curriculum is brought to help students get a job.  

On one hand, where, students from IIMs are grabbing placements worth around Rs. 25-30 lakhs per annum many Non-IIM institute students are finding it hard to even get a job.

The main reason for this, he said, is the outdated curriculum. Many institutes are working with decade-old curriculums and this is what makes these students lag behind.  He further added that all the institutes will be divided into 3 categories depending upon their placement record. Institutes which provides excellent placement record will be given full autonomy, as is the case with IIMs. The colleges with slightly less performance will be kept under the second category which will be provided with partial autonomy. They will have their own rules but AICTE will keep an eye on them. And the colleges which failed to perform well will be closely observed.

The changes are not made just on the curriculum but also on the selection criteria of teachers. Teachers will be trained in a way so that they can help students overcome their doubt and can equip students with problem-solving skills. A person can only qualify for teaching unless it goes through the 9 module program and certifies himself.

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