National Exit Test (NEXT) For 'Doctor' Title To Be A Realty Soon
Updated on: 14,March , 2018 - Wed | 03:32:20pm

National Exit Test (NEXT) For 'Doctor' Title To Be A Realty Soon

The proposal proposed by a powerful committee established by Health ministry has suggested to conduct a National Exit Test which was subject to acceptance by the states. As many as 12 states and four Union Territories have favoured making it mandatory for medical students to clear the National Exit Test (NEXT) to get the 'doctor' title. The list of all favouring and opposing states is mentioned below.

What is NEXT?

A National Exit Test is an exit exam that students must pass to receive a diploma and graduate from an Institution especially in the field of medical science which require a high level of specialisation and commitment as it is something directly connected with the life of people. Section 10E, which is added to the Indian Medical Council Act 1956, proposes a uniform national exit test (NEXT) be conducted for all medical institutions at the undergraduate level. If the proposed bill is passed than NEXT will replace the uniform entrance exam at the postgraduate level.

Why Required?

Since medical services are directly linked t general public hence to assure a quality and safe physicians for the society once they are about to graduate and move to PG level is a must. Though many students wings, Doctors association are against it as it will increase the burden on students and they will only be book worm who want to pass an exam, whereas in reality they should practice increasing their clinical knowledge.

The Following States have favoured the NEXT exam For Doctors:

  1. Jharkhand
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Bihar
  4. Chhattisgarh
  5. Gujarat
  6. Haryana
  7. Himachal Pradesh
  8. Kerala
  9. Madhya Pradesh
  10. Meghalaya
  11. Odisha
  12. Punjab

The Following Union Territories have favoured the NEXT exam For Doctors: 

  1. Chandigarh
  2. Delhi
  3. Andaman and Nicobar
  4. Puducherry

The Following States are against conducting the exam:

  1. Assam
  2. Goa
  3. Karnataka
  4. Rajasthan
  5. Telangana
  6. West Bengal
  7. Andhra Pradesh
  8. Jammu and Kashmir
  9. Uttarakhand


Other Related News:

The move was part of wide-ranging reforms in the medical sector, including recommendations to scrap the Medical Council of India with a National Medical Commission (NMC) to oversee under-graduate and post-graduate education, accreditation and rating of colleges.

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