37 Percent University Students in India Suffer Moderate Depression, says a study

A recent study by Asian Journal of Psychiatry, the Indian students are not very happy in Indian universities and thus are grabbed under clouds of various levels of depression.

The Study, "Depression among Indian university students and its association with perceived university academic environment, living arrangements and personal issues" by Prof. Sibnath Deb, Parveen R. Banu, Shinto Thomas, R.Vishnu Vardhan, P.Tirupathi Rao and Nigar Khawaja highlighted that the students who reported positive views about the university academic environment and living arrangements had lower level of depression compared to their counterparts.

Facts of the Study:

  1. A total of 717 students were recruited following the multistage cluster sampling method, and data were collected by a specially designed structured questionnaire, academic achievement record and a standardised University Students Depression Inventory.
  2. According to a study published in Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 37.7%, 13.1%, and 2.4% of the students were suffering from moderate, severe, and extremely severe depression in Indian Universities.
  3. A  significant difference was found across the semester, that is, semester II students reported a higher level of depression than semester III students.

The study has also emphasised the fact that no institute has a well established mental health support centre under the guidance of trained psychologist

Therefore, mental health challenges of university and/or college students go unnoticed and finally some of them develop suicidal ideation and they attempt to commit suicide. The findings of the study emphasised the need for immediate mental health support services for about 15.6% of the students who were either suffering from severe or extremely severe depression at the University.


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