JEE And NEET Aspirants May Get Different Question Paper in Their Board Examination

Maharashtra board is planning to bring a change that has never been brought in any state. The students who are planning to give JEE or NEET examination may be provided with different question paper for board examination. If the proposal is accepted the student will have a choice of attempting a question paper which will be tougher than the one which will be given to the students who are not going for these examinations.

The students who are appearing for JEE and NEET will have a different syllabus that will be focused on these examinations and also there are topics which can be excused for board examinations but the students who are appearing for the examination will have to cover all the topics. Plus there will be less optional questions for these students.

A similar plan is being practiced for class XI and state is planning to bring this change for class XII from the year 2019. Some educationist believes it’s a half-baked idea as there are numerous aspects which are not covered, like what if a student decides not to go for engineering examination after board examination or what if a student goes for the easier examination to score good marks. 

There are various such doubts which are on teachers as well as on students mind about this new pattern. Why would a student go for a tougher examination if they can opt for the easy one?

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