NEET 2017: Bengali & Gujarati Question Paper Tougher than English, West Bengal Students Demand re examination

The students of NEET 2017 from bengal and gujarat alleged that their regional language question paper was tough compared to the English medium question paper. Education Minister of Bengal came to rescue for their students and pointed that the set of questions in Bengali question paper were different and tougher than English medium.

One of the eminent professors pointed that the questions in Gujarati question paper were tough and different from English, and making a common merit list does not make any sense.

Parents from West Bengal sought the intervention of Chief Minister of the state in the matter. After taking the examination, students from both the states expressed their dissatisfaction in the difference in weightage and nature of questions which has now become a disadvantage for the students who took the examination in Bengali and Gujarati mediums. Few experts are of the opinion that Gujarati question paper was comparatively easier than the Bengali question paper.

Students carried out protests by displaying the posters with respect to NEET examination. They submitted a memorandum to the Directorate of Medical Education. Most of the students felt that the date for the announcement of NEET-UG 2017 results is approaching, and it is time for the CBSE to take a decision on it. The students demanded justice and cautioned that they will continue the protest until the CBSE comments on the issue.

CBSE did not follow the policy of ‘one nation, one test’ while conducting the NEET-UG 2017 examination. It did not maintain uniformity in preparing the question papers. The questions in English-Hindi medium papers were different from regional languages. One of the parents from Tamil Nadu also alleged that CBSE gave questions from state syllabus in Tamil medium question paper, and CBSE syllabus based questions in English medium question paper. She demanded CBSE to hold a re-examination in a uniform manner.

This year, CBSE failed to prepare a uniform question paper for the NEET-UG 2017 examination. In the year 2013, CBSE prepared uniform question paper with the same content for all the languages.

So far, there has not been any official information or announcement from CBSE on the issue. The results of NEET-UG 2017 will be declared by CBSE on June 8, 2017.



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